Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Angeline Serratore-McCall: 1920 - 2013

I would like to take a moment to honor a member of my wife's family whom we lost this past Sunday.

Angeline Serratore-McCall, grandmother of my wife, passed away Sunday at the age of 92. She had gone into the hospital fighting a case of pneumonia just after Christmas.

Angeline did not come from Giusvalla, but she was full Italian. Her roots are in San Pietro a Maida, located in the southern region of Italy, near Catanzaro.

Angeline came to America in 1929 with her mother and her 2 sisters. They traveled to Pennsylvania where her father, Pietro Serratore, was already waiting for them. Pietro had come to America to find work, and when Angeline and her siblings arrived, he was employed by the Sun Oil company in Chester. The photo displayed with this article is of Angie with her husband, Charles J. McCall, Jr., taken in 1947.

I have posted this article not only in Angeline's honor, but also to help get word to old friends who may have known Angeline, and might want to be a part of her funeral service. The event will happen on Thursday, Jan 24 at the following location:

FUNERAL MASS: Thursday at 10:30 am., at Nativity B.V.M. R.C. Church, Monroe & Franklin Streets, Media. BURIAL: Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery, Marple Township.

Her obituary can be viewed, and signed, at this link.

Rest in Peace, Angie..