Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ra feshta ed San Matè

September 21st is a day of great celebration in Giusvalla, it marks the feast day of the town’s patron, “St. Matthew the Apostle.” The event is marked exuberantly each year with a special Mass followed by a procession from the parish church, where the statue of St. Matthew is carried through the center of town.

Other merriment includes military displays by the town’s veteran “Alpini,” and indulgence in all the traditional foods of the area …. roasted chestnuts (er cashtagne), local mushrooms, polenta and wild boar are just a few local specialties that make the menu.

The year also marks the second annual “Bonifacio d’Oro” award, where two Giusvalla residents (one man and one woman) are honored for their service and contributions to the town over the years. Last year’s award recipients were Sergio Salvo and Ivonne Bonifacino.

Me cor Giusvalla …. ti tel só at vöj ben e at vöj ben sempre ciü!

In the picture: Procession celebrating the feast of St. Matthew in Giusvalla (photo courtesy of my cousin Enzo)

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