Thursday, February 25, 2010

To Our Grandfather(s)

In loving memory of our grandfather, Frank John Rosaio, Jr., on his 80th birthday.

Though we never knew you, we carry you always in our hearts. You are the angel that watches over us, the spirit that guides us and the grandfather that inspires us. You left us the sweetest of grandmothers and gave us the best of parents. We your grandchildren honor your memory proudly on this your 80th birthday.

We love you and miss you …. at vüj bèn noshtr cör papà grande, t’ammanchi tanci.

And to the Salvo family lineage, this posting also honors Ernest Salvo, whose birthday was on February 24th (just yesterday). He is still in our minds and hearts daily as well.

In the picture: Frank J. Rosaio, Jr. (left) & Ernest P. Salvo (right)

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Frank. My dad was so handsome. I have always wanted to say Happy Birthday to him myself. I guess this and all my thoughts will do.
    Denise Rosaio
    Frank J. Rosaio's baby