Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dilwyne Farm

These pictures show my Godfather, Arthur Angelone (husband of Theresa (Tortarolo) Angelone), enjoying a warm day with his buddies, one of whom was employed by Dilwyne Farm (as per the huckster truck in the background). Arthur is the man to the right with the brown hair and short-sleeved shirt. The Dilwyne employee and friend's identity is not known at this time. If you happen to recall this individual, please post a comment below the article, as we would be interested in knowing his name. Clicking on the photo will allow it to be seen at its full size.

Dilwyne Farm is one of the Estates in proximity to Squirrel Run, that was owned by R.R.M. Carpenter, an heir of the DuPont family.

These pictures were taken by my grandfather, Ernest Salvo.

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