Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Ghione Family

Although they were not from Giusvalla, the Ghione family (from which my Grandmom Salvo comes) was still associated with Squirrel Run. The attached picture shows the complete family, before tragedy began to fall upon them. In the upper row are Marian (my grandmother), Teresa (Reggio) Ghione, Joseph Ghione, and Joseph Ghione Jr.- in the front row are Paul Ghione (left), and William Ghione (right) (photo courtesy of Vince and JoAnn Ghione).

As the years passed on, Joseph Ghione was killed in a freak hunting accident (December 15, 1930), as was Joseph Ghione Jr., who died apparently from being kicked by a horse. As a result, Teresa was forced to raise her family alone, and her children in turn were required to become adults much earlier than expected. It is yet another example of the hard lives our ancestors experienced when trying to gain a strong foothold in their new homeland.

Teresa and Joseph Ghione were from Alessandria, Italy.

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