Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Giuseppe e Wanda Pavese: Quaranta Anni!

Please join me in congratulating my cousin Wanda(Reggio)Pavese and her husband, Giuseppe Pavese of Canelli, Italy, for their 40th Wedding Anniversary! They celebrated the event this past weekend, and my cousin Roberta (Pavese) Schellino just advised me of it last night.

The picture shows Wanda and Giuseppe today, with 2 of their grandchildren.

In today's society, simply hitting the 10-year marker seems to be an accomplishment in itself, so we are very happy to honor them at this special time. Anniversario Felice!!

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  1. Wanda e Giuseppe .... tanti auguri di buon anniversario anche da parte mia .... e molti ritorni felici !!!!