Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Fran Rizzo, ‘90’!

In August of this year, cousin Frank and I started receiving emails from a gentleman by the name of Fran Rizzo of Wilmington, Delaware. I had posted an article here on the blog regarding my Grandpop Salvo’s employment at Granogue at that time. Fran came across the site while doing some searches on Granogue history and VOILA! He found us. We are also especially lucky to have Fran as a part of our online community, as he just got his first PC only 6 years ago!

Fran’s grandparents came to the States in 1893 from Sorianello, Calabria. His grandfather worked at Granogue his entire career, just like my Grandpop Salvo. My cousin Frank helped Fran trace his family roots even further with his superhuman genealogy skills that many of our readers know he excels at, so I will let him speak in more detail on his finds regarding Fran’s family.

One of Fran’s current goals is to get back to visit Italy with one of his sons. It seems like all of us carrying Italian blood share this desire to get back to our native soil at least once.

Fran is celebrating his 90th birthday today, and we hope all of our readers can take a moment to post a comment in response to this blog entry, wishing Fran well. Fran has 3 children and 7 grandchildren, all of whom I am sure are helping him to celebrate on this special day! Fran has had some recent doctor visits that made him question whether or not he would be here today to celebrate with us, but I am very happy to say he made it! BUON COMPLEANNO, FRAN!!!!

From Frank R: Happy Birthday Fran! What a pleasure it has been getting to know you through email these past few months. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to join you on your journey into your family history. It was exciting for me to be able to help you determine your grandfather's origins in Italy.

As you mark this milestone birthday, I wish you good health and much happiness .... and hope that you are able to visit Italy again in the near future!

Tanti auguri per un buonissimo compleanno!


  1. Dear Mr Rizzo,

    Happiest Birthday wishes to you. Not only is it great to have you here to share the wisdom and experiences that you have had, but I very much admire that you have used a computer to do so. Your example teaches us all that it is never to late for us to grow as human beings. Thank you for that; I hope that you make it to Italy very soon, and and I hope that you have a wonderful 90th. Take care and best regards,

    Anthony V.

  2. I have a long History with the Rizzo Family from Front & Adams Streets, don't know if Fran is of the same Family but Happy Birthday and many returns.

    The Jubb Family from Read & Jackson Streets.

  3. Hello Ray,

    Fran emailed me this reply for you to see:

    "Yes that is me. [You] lived next door to my brother on S. Jackson St."

    If you would like to contact Fran directly, email me at and I will be glad to provide you with his email address. Thank you for posting!


    Jim III