Saturday, January 16, 2010

In Memory of... Joseph Carozzo (1931-2009)

We apologize for this late posting, but we here at the Squirrel Run Blog would like to pay homage to a fellow Squirrel Run descendant whom we lost on August 8, 2009: Joseph Patrick Carozzo.

I recently met Joseph's nephew, Augustine V. "Gus" Carozzo, for the first time, and in preparation for our meeting, Gus brought with him some family photos and information. One of the photos was of his uncle, Joseph Carozzo, who had passed away in August of 2009. Joseph was one of 3 of Gus' uncles, the others being Victor and John Carozzo. Gus mentioned that he was already familiar with our Squirrel Run blog, and that he was so happy to see that in one of our prior 2009 postings, we'd highlighted another of his uncles, Victor. The posting on Victor can be found here:

At this time it is not known who the woman is in the photo with Joseph that is attached to this article. We are hoping that someone in our reader community may be able to help us out once more with identifying who the person is. The photo apparently comes from a wedding where Joseph and this woman were a part of the bridal party.

Along with this photo of his uncle, Gus provided me with a wonderful amount of additional information that I will highlight in future posts here at 'Run Squirrel Run'. However, with the recent passing of Joseph, I felt that an honorarium to him would be the ideal place to start. The obituary for Joseph can be found at the following link:

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