Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Remembering 1993: 70 Year “Tutti I Giusvallini” Reunion

On a sunny day in September 1993, the descendants of the original Squirrel Run Giusvallini gathered to honor their forbearers. It was the first time in 70 years that the families had all come together to celebrate and there were nearly 800 in attendance. The event took place on Sunday, September 19th at St. Anthony’s in the Hills in Avondale and the guests of honor were composed of a very special core group: the 32 survivors of the original 1923 reunion at Squirrel Run.

Cousin Ernie Camoirano (who also happens to be my father’s godfather) was Master of Ceremonies for the day and kept the event lively in his usual gregarious way, and 1923 reunion attendee bunanima ed Carlèn d'Cianpè even joined us by phone all the way from Giusvalla! The beneficent Fr. Roberto was present to bestow his blessing, as he had done at many Giusvallini baptisms, marriages and burials through the years. The older generations reconnected and the young ones met for the first time, it was an event that many will always remember.

The ’93 reunion was many years in the making, but Rosemarie “Tootie” (Pia) Barber’s enthusiasm to get everyone back together inspired the group that made it happen. Those go-getters included Albert Baccino, Victorine (Marenco) Camoirano, Jennie (Pesce) Feliciani, Mary (Olivieri) Guerrina, Marie Guerrina, Arlene (Baccino) Kelly, Victor Pesce and many others who helped organize the event in endlessly invaluable ways.

Many faces that are no longer with us look back from our priceless pictures from that day, we are grateful for the great gathering that brought us all together.

We remember those we have lost in the years since the 1993 Tutti I Giusvallini reunion, but we also welcome the new generation of Giusvallini children that has joined us in the years since then. We hope to inspire in them a love and respect for family and one another; may the things that kept our grandparents’ generation connected live on through our children and grandchildren!

Sperumma ben!

In the picture: Tutti I Giusvallini, September 19, 1993, Avondale, PA

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  1. Great post. Our family, the children of Matteo and Carolina Carozzo, were lucky enough to have three members of the 1923 photo able to attend the festa. It was a wonderful day for all involved. Perhaps we shall live to see another one day.