Friday, June 26, 2009

All Work And No Play....

... makes Squirrel Runners take funny pictures! Here is a picture from my Grandpop Salvo's personal collection of "on the job" satire. These people worked long hours, in extreme hot and cold weather, so there had to be some time to blow off steam. This snapshot in time is one of those moments.

I can only imagine how happy my grandfather would be, to know that his treasured memories continue on, still to be appreciated by others. Enjoy-

PS: if anyone can identify any of the gentlemen in this picture, we would greatly appreciate it


  1. Jim,

    Howdy. I believe top left is Frank Carozzo (Carosen); front row center is John Carozzo and to his right with bottle is Matteo (Pepe) Carozzo.


  2. Thanks Anthony- I believe the man whom you have referenced as being John Carozzo in this picture, is also present in an earlier picture I posted showing a group of children posing outside (my Grandpop Salvo is included in the group). I wanted you to be aware in the event that you had not seen it. -Jim