Sunday, June 21, 2009

"my big fat Italian wedding"

Now datza wedding party! This picture highlights the marriage of Emma Bugliani to Edgar Carozzo. The event took place on June 27, 1928, at St. Patrick's Church in Kennett Square, PA.

Is any of your family found in this picture? If so, we'd really like to know. Among those in this picture are my grandfather, Ernest Salvo (far upper left), Adolpho Pesce (second in from left on second row), and Tommy Catalino (second row, far right). We do have details regarding many of the other individuals found in this picture- however, out of respect for those who have helped greatly in identifying some of the others in the picture, we ask that you kindly email either myself or Frank for more information.

Click on the image for the full-size view.

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