Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Informative Yet Mysterious Document - The 1920 New Castle County Census

This document was a great find from a genealogical perspective, however it also prompts new questions that my family is now trying to find the answers to. The Census was recorded on March 9th, 1920, the time that my family was associated with Squirrel Run (which was not dismantled until Fall 1923). Down the side of the document it reads "Kennett Pike Road", known today as Route 52. The document accounts for many of the families whose names are posted throughout the contents of this site, including the Salvo's, Ghione's, Pesce's, Perrone's, Ferrero's, Robino's, and others.

So why does this document prompt so many questions for my family? Well, for starters, Squirrel Run was not situated on 52, at least as I understand it. If anything, 141 or 100 would be more appropriate descriptions of the location where the Census was taken. Unless of course, this document ISN'T of data that was captured at the actual Squirrel Run location. But if it wasn't, where were all of these people living at that time?

Secondly, this document has a slight impact on the story we were told, regarding how my Grandpop Salvo met my Grandmom (Ghione) Salvo. I was told by my parents, that my grandfather met her because she worked at an office that my grandfather would frequent because of his job. We never thought anything differently of the story, until of course this document was found. Upon reviewing the document, it shows the Ghione family (Marian's parents) living 3 doors down from my Grandpop Salvo's parents at that time! Is it possible that these families did not speak to each other at that time? Sure, why not. But anyone who knows anything about these families that resided at Squirrel Run, knows that they all for the most part acted like one BIG family. They had pictures taken together in groups (many shown on this site). They were in each other's weddings. Long story short, everybody knew everybody. So, seeing now that my grandparents' families lived so close to one another early on, one can't help but wonder if there's more to the story regarding my grandparents' introduction.

As with the other posts on this site, comments in response to this post are welcomed, especially if it helps solve some of the mysteries associated with this document. And as always, clicking on the image above will provide an enlarged copy of the document to review.


  1. Okay,"Youg'ns", number one if I'm not mistaken Rt 52 as you know it(Kennett Pike) was not in existance at the time as you know it today. The "Olde Kennett Pike" was Rt 82 which actually started out in the area of the cross Rd on Rt 100 at the Big Stone Barn, which is now a restaurant across from "Montchanin Station".(Carpenter's Row) and ran north to "5 Pointe's" at Kaolin Rd. & Hillendale Rd. East of Kennett Square. You'll need to get some of the "Older" generation to verify that as I've only been here for 66 yr's.(Heh,heh!)
    Second when Ernest & family arrived in 1913, he was 9 yr.s old. Marian Ghione was born in Sept. of 1913!!!!!!!! So there was almost a 10 yr. difference in their age's and it's quite conceiveable that the association never really "Matured" until they were both old enough to appreciate each other.
    Ernest moved away in 1918+/- and went to work for the Irenee duPont Estate at Pa. Ave. & Green Hill Ave. before it moved to it's current location on Rt. 100 atop the then Wilm. City Dump. Marian was only 5 yr.s old +/- at the time. Her Parents then moved to Kennett Square, Pa. where they went in to the Mushroom growing business. Marian, at a later age began working in the Green Houses that raised Rose's(Your Pic.s) and that is where she finally caught Ernest's eye! He would frequent the Green House to pick up Rose's for the "Big House" when they were having a "Gala" or when they didn't have enough of their own. I believe this transpired sometime in the late '20's or early '30's. They finally Married in 1939.
    any more questions?


  2. All good points. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. As I think further, the Rd Rt 52 eventually became a major viaduct to Kennett. At the entrance to "Wintertur" there is a Rd. going off to the left known as the "Olde Kennett Pk." It passes "Lower Brandywine Church" and proceeds to "The Owls Nest" and on up to "5 Points" as well. So somewhere in there 1 or both roads were a major thoroughfare for the time.
    You have to remember that 100-150 yr.s ago most thoroughfares followed Old Indian pathes and or creeks and Rivers as did the several Railway's in the area. Some time when your out for a Sunday drive, as we all used to do 50+ yr.s ago, follow some of those "Old Roads" and see where they take you.
    "Squirrel Run" or "Henry Clay" as it's know today, was the center of all the action 100 yr.s ago. Thus the growth of the DuPont Co. Sites's, Family Estates, Belleview, Alfred I. , Granogue, Wintertur, Longwood, Carousel Farm, etc. So mostly the "Newer" more modern roads came about because they had them built. The NEW existing Kennett pike was built by the occupant of Wintertur. Up until about 15 or 20 yr.s ago the road was lined with flowering fruit tree's which the Master had planted, because his Lady thought the ride into Wilm. was too boring. Rt 13 was another.(i.e. the DuPont Hgwy) It also had flowering tree's from Wilm. to Dover which the Fund Donor had planted for his wife's birthday. He said he was giving her the "Longest String of Pearls"
    in the world. Many of which were still growing when I was growing up. They are now long gone for "Safety" reasons.
    There's a little more trivia for you.