Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Località Colla …. then

My great-great grandmother, Maria Caterina Perrone, was born in Giusvalla at “località Colla” on May 14, 1860, one of the large brood of eleven children in the household of Lorenzo Antonio Perrone and Maria Luigia Perrone.

Though Maria Caterina never came to the United States, two of her siblings did - her younger brother Antonio Perrone and his wife Rosa Tagliero (with their seven children) settled in the Squirrel Run community, and a younger sister Genoveffa and husband Giovanni Vicino went to the San Francisco, California area.

Remaining at Colla was another one of Maria Caterina’s younger brothers, Gaspare Perrone “Gashpèn,” seen here in this picture in front of the (then) barn at Colla.

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