Saturday, June 20, 2009

How the Brady's tie into Squirrel Run..

Most italians will tell you right off the bat that "Brady" is not an italian name.. They are correct. However, "Salvo" is- and that is the maiden name of my mother, Marianne. Marianne is the daughter of Ernest and Marian (Ghione) Salvo. Ernest and his family lived at Squirrel Run from the time they arrived in this Country, until Squirrel Run was dismantled in 1923. Ernest can be found in the Tutti I Giusvallini picture at the top of this site, along with his father, John "Mutèn" Salvo.

But the Salvo's aren't the only part of my family who lived at Squirrel Run- also found in the above picture are the Tortarolo family, one member being my godmother, Theresa (Tortarolo) Angelone. Between her and my Grandpop Salvo, that's where it all begins for me.

This blog is the result of research efforts between myself and my cousin, Frank Rosaio, who has been actively researching the Tutti I Giusvallini history for years. You can view his work to date here.

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