Saturday, June 20, 2009

Squirrel Run in the Summer..

Trying to identify who the friends are in this picture that includes my grandfather, Ernest Salvo (top center in image). This picture was most definitely taken at Squirrel Run.


  1. Well first off I don't believe that's "Squirrel Run". There is NO Beach there. They are definitely at the Beach & the lady on the left, I believe, is Aunt Theresa. I'd say the Beach area was South Jersey, looking at the Pine Tree's. Perhaps Cape May. I can't tell with hand in front of the face who the gentlman is, but it's more then likely Uncle Art & the girl to the right look's like she could be his oldest sister "Angel".

    my 2 cents

  2. The other possible location could be "White Crystal Beach". As I recall 60 yr.s ago there were some Pine's there as well.


  3. Thanks for the feedback- there is actually a picture of Albina Piuma Salvo sitting at what we believe to be the same "beach", and it actually appears to be man-made (more apparent in the other picture not posted).

    Although there is a chance Aunt Theresa might be in the picture, I do not believe the man down front to be Arthur Angelone. There is another picture of this man (a studio shot), and it has been speculated that his name is Joesph Moncalmo.

  4. The other possibilty of the second Gentlemen could be Angels Late husband, Carmen Broccoli!