Saturday, June 27, 2009

Girls In The Greenhouse

I don't know who these 2 ladies are, or who took the picture (although I have a pretty good idea). All I know is, neither one of them is my Grandmom Salvo! Nevertheless, I thought that it would be great to include the pictures out here, since they coincide with the location and timeframe that this site's details are founded on. Someone will most likely chime in with their identities eventually.

I'm sure that things back then were much like they are now in respect to these pictures: what HAPPENS in the greenhouse, STAYS in the greenhouse! :)

UPDATE: after giving this more thought, these shots were most likely taken at one of the greenhouses at GRANOGUE, the DuPont estate. That is where my Grandpop Salvo worked his entire life.

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  1. Those are more then likely the Green House's in Kennett Square where your Grandmother, Marian "Ghione" Salvo, worked before she met your Grandfather Salvo. Not Granogue.